We deploy strategy, process and tools to amplify impact for nonprofits

Bravo Charlie Delta is a creative agency for nonprofits. We arm development communications and marketing teams with the content and tools they can use to catalyze a culture of philanthropy.

We can make your videos, websites and pretty much any other creative deliverable you can think of.

First, we are a design studio in Providence, Rhode Island. We have a deep understanding of the creative process. Because of this, we have an innate ability to connect your brand with your audience. Applying this specialized skill results in the creation of high impact deliverables and quality services for our clients.

Second, we are a video production company. We work with clients on location to shoot interviews, b-roll and drone footage. Furthermore, as a post-production company we edit all that video together and combine it with animation and music to articulate your mission and vision. Video is an important part of our process.

Third… While we believe content is king, it is useless if you have no way to deliver it. That is why we are also a web development shop. We create the communication vehicles you use to deliver your message. Responsive websites, electronic presentations and interactive content with calls to action are powerful ways to interact with audiences.

And finally, as a marketing company we plan, execute, measure and sustain impact. Work with us on an ongoing basis to manage the strategy, content and tools used to mobilize your audience.

Our most recent work with Harvard is the The College Annual Fund’s Associates Giving video.

Our website development skills were recently put to good use by the U.S. Naval War College Foundation in Newport, Rhode Island.

This recently produced video for Oxfam America in Boston is a great example of our video production work with leadership.

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Most importantly, we are artists and designers. We are a creative agency because of the way we think, the things we make and the results we achieve.

Our creative agency is located in Providence, Rhode Island between New York City and Boston. Our downtown Providence location is in close proximity to vibrant academic, artistic and entrepreneurial communities. Additionally, we use technology to work with artists and designers from around the world.

We thrive where the rubber meets the road. For that reason, you won’t be getting a report from us to stick in your desk drawer. In contrast, we deliver things you can use every day to make an impact on your organization.

Apple CEO and Auburn Alumna Tim Cook is featured in this video we made about diversity, inclusion and equity. We love the vibe and message of this video!