Naval War College Foundation

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U.S. Naval War College Foundation

The United States Naval War College Foundation selected Bravo Charlie Delta to refocus the foundation’s brand and help to diversify its constituents. By creating content and tools imbued with narratives for a broader audience, the brand can now be experienced in new and surprising ways online, at events and during important in person meetings with prospective partners.


First, we conducted an accelerated branding process with foundation leadership. This work is instantiated as two videos. A “brand video” was created as a tool to introduce the college. An “ask video” was created to help the foundation make a soft sell. The foundation and college share many strategic and creative through-lines but their audiences are different. We designed new messaging and tone that could be used by the foundation to change their audience’s perception of the college from war to peace – from obsolete to opportunity – an opportunity for philanthropy to make a significant contribution to peace, prosperity and national security.

Strategic Content and Asset Libraries

We conducted over 30 key stakeholder video interviews. Subsequently, the transcribed footage became the source material for developing key communications. Also, we used the initial footage to create a portfolio of strategically aligned video content. The asset library has grown to include over 12 short films, more than 50 transcribed video interviews, thousands of photographs,  dozens of original music compositions, stock footage, hundreds of graphics files and more.

Donor Testimonials

The donor testimonial is a powerful tool. Testimonials are an authentic way to deliver your message and create meaningful connections with your audience. Why does former Bank of America CEO, Dick Rosenberg support the Naval War College Foundation? Probably for the same reasons many prospective donors would.


Bravo Charlie Delta created a new website for the foundation. As a result, people are empowered to connect, explore, engage, join, give and shop on the site. Additionally, the site encourages visitors to share brand content and sign up for ongoing engagement. Technical features include integrated CRM platforms, a custom WordPress theme and an intuitive admin interface. These tools makes it easy for staff to create and publish new content. Moreover, we can review analytics and make decisions about what to do next.

The U.S. Naval War College 101

It’s not a conversation about how you win the fight, it’s how you solve the dilemma. How does the U.S. Naval War College contribute to the global dialog on the constructs of peace?

NWC Cyber

The cyber domain has become a fundamental component of all social functions and it is extremely hard to protect. How does the U.S. Naval War College play a leading role in cyber studies and policy creation?

NWC Women, Peace and Security

The world’s most pressing economic and political problems cannot be solved without the participation of women. How does the U.S. Naval War College open doors for women around the world so that they can help lead the peace process?

NWC International Programs

We are all connected and it is the ocean that connects us. How do thousands of flag officers from around the world form bonds critical to maintaining peace, prosperity and national security?

Leadership and Ethics

Great leadership cannot happen absent an understanding of ethics. How does the U.S. Naval War College teach students how to be efficient and ethical leaders so that they can become senior advisors and support senior advisors all the way up to supporting the President of the United States?

Academic Experience

At the U.S. Naval War College, students get an incredibly broad academic experience. What would it be like to be fully immersed in a graduate degree program where U.S. and international professionals from the military and civilian agencies come together to build peace, prosperity and security around the world?