Harvard Kennedy School

Why HKS?

Harvard Kennedy School

The John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University is a graduate and professional school that brings together students, scholars, and practitioners who combine thought and action to make the world a better place. Bravo Charlie Delta created digital content for Alumnae Relations and Resource Development at Harvard Kennedy School to help reach their audiences using social media marketing.

Why HKS?

First, we asked the Alumni community at HKS a handful of questions. Then we edited the responses together to form a series of short videos. Most noteworthy is the method for creating the narrative. Alumni complete each other’s sentences and finish each others thoughts. We repeated this style of editing to create 3 short videos.

Why Contribute?

The second video focuses more specifically on the importance of giving back. The messages is clear and, above all, the video increased engagement with audiences online.

Why HKS – Women

Women at HKS share their voice in this installment of the video series. Similarly to the previous videos, audience engagement could be measured after releasing the video on social media.

The Dean’s Holiday Card

We designed and developed a multi language animated holiday card for  HKS Dean, Doug Elmendorf.  He sent this the card to thousands of HKS alumni. As a result, click through rates to the campaign website increased.

Campaign Update: Part 1

Dean Elmendorf delivered a campaign update in two videos. As a result, staff were able to incorporated the updates in various digital presentations.

Update: Part 2