de Ramel Foundation

A Developing Identity

de Ramel Foundation

The de Ramel Foundation chose Bravo Charlie Delta to create it’s first logo. Once completed, we produced a brand video and authored the foundation’s website. Our team deployed a system of tools, above all, that communicates mission, vision and history. And finally, we defined a tone and style that speaks to the family’s playful pursuit of serious innovation.

We are excited to be a part of advancing de Ramel’s legacy. A distribution from the original Prince Charitable Trusts of 1947 established the foundation in 2010. Today, Guillaume de Ramel (sole trustee of the de Ramel Foundation) is continuing the nearly 100-year-old charitable legacy of Frederick H. Prince and his wife, Abigail Norman.


Visual Identity

The de Ramel family can trace innovation through centuries of its history, hence the final concept for the logo. The new mark is inspired by Guillaume’s ancestor Agostino Ramelli. Ramelli invented the Bookwheel in the 16th century. Today the bookwheel can be seen as the precursor to hypertext.



The de Ramel Foundation website provides audiences with a quick introduction and answers to frequently asked questions.


Brand Movie

Bravo Charlie Delta conducted accelerated brand workshops with Guillaume and then produced a short testimonial video in which he delivers the foundation’s message in his own words. The video also includes some original video and photography shot by Guillaume. It’s hard to get more authentic than this!