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Bryant University

Bravo Charlie Delta has been working with Bryant University’s office of University Relations for almost 10 years. Our creative video services support both admissions and development initiatives. Recently our work has contributed to Bryant’s ambitious $75 million capital campaign which will give students access to Bryant’s innovative education, keep faculty at the forefront of innovative teaching, develop an environment for innovative learning, and cultivate a global perspective.

Strategic Partner

Bravo Charlie Delta augments Bryant’s in-house capabilities with creative and strategic video production services. University Relations works with us consistently, therefore, we can anticipate the University’s needs. Our team is aligned with the mission and vision, we are familiar with campus and we curate an asset library that dates back almost 10 years.

Asset Library

We manage hundreds of video hours in Bryant’s asset library. That is to say, we have recorded over 50 interviews with Bryant’s leadership, faculty, students and alumni. In addition, we have recorded, created, stored and continue to curate almost 10 years worth of  b-roll footage and graphics files. As a result, we can expedite updates to modular video content with relevant assets.


We make videos for Bryant our custom templates make it possible to achieve repeatable results. Most importantly, content is designed to be updated. As a result, we can keep up with the University’s rapid pace of change. For example, we have updated the Campaign video five times over the last three years to reflect important campaign progress.

Primary and Ancillary Content

Bryant will leverage a single batch of footage for multiple purposes. For example, when we record interviews we might ask our subjects questions that help us achieve our primary goal. We may also ask some additional questions that help build the narrative for another story later on. Our strategic partnership makes this possible. We are smart about planning asset acquisition and we manage a robust asset library. As a result, it is possible to efficiently create ancillary content.


We have created dozens of authentic testimonials with Bryant. These videos feature students, alumni, faculty and trustees. A testimonial style videos is a powerful and authentic way to connect with an audience.


Deliverables can be created quickly and efficiently when reformatting previously delivered projects.