Breakthrough Content


Bravo Charlie Delta produced interactive content for Caltech’s online campaign magazine. Additionally, we created content and tools for the campaign’s electronic newsletters and social media channels. Our work successfully integrated with WordPress, Amazon s3 storage and MailChimp platforms.

Lowest Common Denominator

Above all, our greatest challenge was reaching the lowest common denominator audience with compelling interactive content. Caltech demanded we create seamless experiences for their audience across all platforms and devices. This is an intensive process. Firstly, we had to develop creative that could be executed within known constraints. Secondly, our code had to support older email clients, web browsers and operating systems. Third, we had to work out all of the bugs. Finally, the work was successfully deployed.

Interactive Stories

Bravo Charlie Delta created several successful interactive stories for the Caltech Effect, the online campaign magazine. Audiences would access animated and interactive stories on all devices. They would use unsupported browsers, email clients and operating systems. Additionally, on the back end we integrated our work with the WordPress platform and theme created and managed by another agency.

Culture of Connection

Social Media Content

We reformatted interactive stories for social media. In other words, we used the assets from the interactive stories to created video content. As a result, Caltech shared storieson Instagram, Twitter and Facebook as video.