Brown Neurosurgery

The Department of Neurosurgery


Lifespan and Brown University recruited world-renowned neurosurgeon,Dr. Ziya Gokaslan to transform a good neurosurgery department into a world-class hub for neurosurgery and neuroscience research. Dr. Gokaslan chose Bravo Charlie Delta to create his portfolio of new marketing materials. First, we tackled the Functional Neurosurgery division video. Second, we proceeded to design and develop the department’s website. Finally, to conclude phase 1 we created the department’s first annual report published under Ziya’s leadership. We are currently working with the department on planning and executing sophisticated content marketing programs to secure the departments position online.


The Department of Neurosurgery website is a useful resource for prospective patients. Additionally, the site is designed to engage Brown University faculty, university students and hospital staff. The modular content management system makes updating the site easy, therefore, staff can easily conduct routine maintenance and publish new stories. Due to a responsive framework, all audiences can access the site on any device. Additionally, the architecture will serve the organization’s many needs for years to come.

Annual Report

We produced multiple projects for the neurosurgery department over the period of a year. Consequentially, we developed lots of useful creative assets that could be used and recycled. We managed a digital asset library that was easily accessible to our team and the client. For this reason, the annual report and website share consistent creative through-lines.

Video Content

The department houses many specialty centers and divisions. The Functional Neurosurgery Division video is the first to be produced. The division included the video on its website page. Furthermore, department leadership presents the video at pivotal meetings with stakeholders throughout the year.