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Auburn University

Bravo Charlie Delta joined the talented Auburn University development team early on to play an important communications role in the billion dollar campaign. Auburn is the first university in the state of Alabama to raise $1 billion in a comprehensive fundraising campaign. Auburn received gifts from more than 95,000 donors, 131 of which have given $1 million or more. Endowed gifts account for more than a third of the campaign’s total.


Auburn was ready to launch when we joined the team. We jumped right in and documented the Campaign Kickoff Weekend which included a spectacular gala event and a special A-Day ceremony at Jordan-Hare Stadium.

Public Launch

Auburn announced the campaign to the public during the A-Day game. First, we captured the excitement of the ceremony. Second, we edited the footage to tell the story in just a few minutes. Finally, Auburn’s development team distributed the video via electronic communications. Most importantly, Auburn used the short video during important regional cultivation events.

Strategic Content

Auburn wanted create timely brand content to support campaign strategies. For this reason, we set up interview rooms back stage at events. As a result, we were able to interview attendees about important campaign themes. We updated the asset library with the footage, hence the ability to create relevant brand content in a moments notice.

Ancillary Content

After documenting several events and conducting initial interviews the asset library had grown enough to support the efficient creation of ancillary content to be used at events and in electronic communications.

Regional Cultivation

When Auburn hit the road for the metropolitan cultivation tour, we went with them. Our event recap videos captured the excitement and activity in cities including Birmingham, Atlanta, Nashville, Houston, Washington D.C. and New York City.

Live Content

For each of the metropolitan events we created multimedia presentations to accompany scripted programs performed onstage at events on and off campus. The interactive presentations could be controlled by an operator to accommodate improvisation and live situations.


In preparation of reaching the campaign goal, Bravo Charlie Delta asked key stakeholders to imagine what it would be like and then added the interviews to our asset library. When the goal was reached we were able to quickly assemble a short piece to accompany electronic communications regarding the milestone achievement.

Special Projects

Sometimes there is the need to create special projects. When Apple CEO, Tim Cook came to campus to discuss diversity, equity and inclusion with the student body, we were there to capture it.

All Platforms

We were truly able to create content for all platforms.  Our media deliverables were formatted for everything from the largest sport arena screen in the United States to large scale screens at events to digital signage to web and mobile.


Producing fresh relevant content can simply be a matter of cutting down or reformatting previous deliverables. With a broad and deep asset library, this process can be fast and inexpensive.

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